Our Story

Slingin’ Pizza founder and owner Audrey Jayne has always loved pizza. Born in Queens, New York, she grew up eating New York and New Haven pizza and had no idea how lucky she was until later, when she started traveling. In the 15+ years since her first job working at a local pizza shop in Connecticut, Audrey has worked in independently owned shops, and both mid-sized and large chains, allowing her to learn pizza from every angle!

What she discovered through all of these experiences, (beyond what it takes to make a really great sauce and a perfect crust) is a sense of belonging within the pizza community, a sense of belonging that she would love for you to experience too! After years of working within the industry, Audrey finally felt it was the right time to give life to a long term dream: opening a shop herself! In 2019, Slingin’ Pizza opened in Laguna Park, Texas on Lake Whitney.

Little did anyone know but Covid was right around the corner! Between that and the Texas freeze in 2021, the shop in Lake Whitney left us with enough memories to last a lifetime. Facing the reality we needed bigger populated area to grow into all the things Slingin’ Pizza could be, Audrey decided to move the shop to Little Elm two weeks before Christmas in the winter of 2021 - and that is where we’ve been thriving ever since, serving hand tossed, delicious pies right on FM 423!